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The BasketBall game application is a pretty exciting and fun filled game in which you have to score as many baskets as you can within the time limit. The game is designed to be highly addictive, even for people who don’t play basketball.
The main objective of the game is shooting hoops. You aim by dragging your finger and then release the ball and score a basket. The BasketBall application also provides users a complete guide regarding how to aim with your finger and releasing the ball at just the right time. It is a level by level guide, which means the further you advance, the shorter the guides get and eventually you end up playing completely on your own, which is way more fun.
You get to enjoy 8 varying levels in the game each designed with a different difficulty level. However, bear in mind you are given a limited number of balls you can use to score. So, make sure you don’t miss too often. The graphics of the game are quite impressive, the backgrounds given in the game are also diverse and scoring high points will enable you to unlock different achievements which you can brag about to your friends.
All in all, it is fun filled game.


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